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Treasure exhibition reopens

The Treasures from Sacred Hill Exhibition at the MTR Sung Wong Toi Station will reopen on March 22 upon the exhibit’s renewal.


The exhibition is curated by the Antiquities & Monuments Office (AMO) and this is the first renewal since its launch in 2021.


In addition to renewing the exhibits of the existing Song-Yuan Archaeological Discoveries at Sung Wong Toi section, the renewed exhibition also features a new Sung Wong Toi & Maritime Trade section.


On display will be a total of more than 500 archaeological finds unearthed during the construction of the station.


Such displays include Longquan-type celadons, Qingbai and pale celadon ware, writing implements, architectural components, bronze coins, incense burners and ceramic ware with ink writing of the Song-Yuan period. Most of them are being displayed for the first time.


The Sung Wong Toi & Maritime Trade section showcases the export ware of China such as the celadon ware of Longquan, black-glazed teacups from Fujian and Meiping unearthed from the site of Sung Wong Toi. Many of them were stamped or bear inscriptions and are valuable records for the study of the Maritime Silk Road in the Song dynasty.


By means of QR codes, the exhibition introduces, through texts, photos and audio guides, the daily lives of Song people such as tea-drinking and competition, incense burning, lifestyle of literati, architecture, currency and cargo transportation.


Due to the discovery of archaeological finds during the construction of the station, the Mass Transit Railway Corporation commissioned professional archaeologists to conduct archaeological excavations and unearthed a large number of archaeological remains dating to the Song and Yuan dynasties.


The AMO has collaborated with the MTRC to display the archaeological finds in batches at the station since June 2021 to facilitate the public’s understanding of such archaeological achievements.


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