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Election promotional activities set

The Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Bureau announced that it will set up a promotional booth themed Night Vibes District Council Election at the Waterfront Carnival in Wan Chai for three consecutive nights starting today.
The goal of the booth is to reach out to the public face-to-face about the benefits brought by the improved district governance system and the reformed District Councils in a lively way.


The objective is to encourage the general public as well as individuals who are dedicated to district services, patriotic and have an affection for Hong Kong to actively participate in the 2023 District Council Ordinary Election.
The booth will feature an interactive game and briefing, with promotional pamphlets and souvenirs distributed, to allow citizens to learn more about the District Council Election and matters related to the improved district governance system. A “check-in” spot will also be set up for people to take photos.
Apart from explaining that the 2023 District Council Ordinary Election is the first large-scale city-wide election being held after the reform of the district councils and improving the district governance system, the bureau stressed that it is of particular significance.
It pointed out that the Government will proactively go into the community to help the public understand that improving the district governance system is related to the well-being of the citizens, so that they can support the new system and cast their votes on the polling day.
The bureau will launch a series of District Council Election into the Community publicity activities starting from late October to promote the new District Councils and encourage the public to actively participate in the election.