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Fallen rendering incident probed

The Buildings Department has issued an investigation order to the owners’ corporation (OC) of a 15-storey industrial building in Mong Kok, following an incident involving fallen rendering yesterday.   The department said the OC will be required to appoint an authorised person to look into the incident and submit a report.    Following a Police notification about the incident, the department immediately deployed officers to Fuk Keung Industrial Building, at 66 Tong Mei Road, to carry out a site inspection. They found that part of the finishing and rendering had fallen from the window eave of a unit on the fourth floor of block A of the 43-year-old building.   No obvious danger to the overall structure was discerned, the department said. It then requested that the property management company take remedial actions. A registered contractor was deployed to remove any remaining loose finishing and rendering using a lifting platform.   The management company also arranged for a contractor to set up scaffolding on the external wall to allow detailed investigation and repair works to commence.   The OC’s authorised person will have to include a remedial proposal in its report. The department said it would continue to follow up on the case.