Intangible heritage scheme opens

Chris Sun to visit bay area cities

Secretary for Labour & Welfare Chris Sun will lead a social welfare sector delegation for a three-day visit to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhongshan tomorrow to view elderly and rehabilitation service facilities and exchange views with relevant units.   The delegation comprises heads and high-level representatives from Social Welfare Sector Heart to Heart Joint Action, community associations, non-governmental organisations and the Council of Social Service. Representatives of the Labour & Welfare Bureau, the Elderly Commission, the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee and the Social Welfare Department will also join the trip.   Mr Sun and the delegation will attend an exchange seminar on Greater Bay Area development to be hosted by the Guangdong Department of Civil Affairs. In addition, the delegates will visit community and residential care service units to keep abreast of the latest developments of Qianhai in Shenzhen and the bay area.   Mr Sun will return to Hong Kong on Wednesday. In his absence, Under Secretary for Labour & Welfare Ho Kai-ming will be Acting Secretary.